Considering sensory needs when using Makaton

10am - 11am, Wednesday 9th February 2022

FREE. Suitable for everyone. Only available to Tutors, MSB Trainers, Standard Members, Premium Members, Founder Members, Makaton Friendly Members. Online - see below for booking details.

The session will be run by Makaton Tutor and Ambassador, Becky George: "Sensory processing is how we all understand and interpret our surroundings, therefore it impacts everything we do in our day to day lives.

"During the last 13 years I have been working closely with children and adults with additional needs and complex health needs. I have become more and more aware of how someone’s sensory needs can affect their use of Makaton, both with signing and symbol use.

"During this session I will share some of these with you and include some strategies we could use to support people with sensory processing difficulties, and their communication."


Booking details

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