Makaton symbol for Christmas

Countdown to Christmas

Wednesday 9th December 2020

A new Makaton treat every day during Advent


16 sleeps to go

For today's treat, Dorin Park School and Grantham Additional Needs Fellowship sign Father Christmas.

You can download the symbol and line drawing of the sign for Father Christmas from the Makaton Library.

Once you're in the Library, either Search for the name of the sign or scroll down to Browse Folders and click on Free resources > Countdown to Christmas


(You need to be signed in to access the Library. Sign in or create a free account)

We want to see you signing!

  1. Record a video of yourself signing. Landscape videos are best!
  2. Upload your video to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  3. Share your video using the #wetalkmakaton hashtag

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Countdown to Christmas