The Tutor Training Journey

If you’ve completed your Makaton Workshop Levels 1 to 4 you might be thinking about the next step.

The Makaton Tutor Training journey covers, in depth, the design of the Makaton Language Programme and its implementation over an extensive range of difficulties. 

On the Tutor Training course you will:

  • Develop your knowledge and understanding of language structure.
  • Learn about techniques to advance signing and symbol use.
  • Develop your translation skills.
  • Learn about delivering Makaton Workshops to our standard of Excellence.

Once you’ve successfully completed your Tutor Training journey you will:

  • Be a key part of the Makaton Community.
  • Have access to the resource and tools to successfully embed and teach the Makaton Language Programme.
  • Be part of a collaborative Tutor Network.
  • Have opportunities to be involved and influence the direction of the Makaton Charity.

A Licensed Makaton Tutor can deliver all of the standardised Makaton workshops and can work freelance. There are opportunities to provide support to others and liaise regularly with The Makaton Charity.

Training to become a Makaton Tutor could be one of the most rewarding things you do! Don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our recently qualified Tutors have to say about the process.

“I never knew how much I loved Makaton until I completed my Tutor Training. Before the training days I was really anxious, unsure what to expect and who I was going to meet. I doubted whether I was ready and if I was good enough. The training with Zanna and Tracy was invaluable. They really put us all at ease and reminded us that we are now on the journey to become a Tutor, no matter how long it takes, we will get there and that they would be there every step of the way.

Through this journey, I have made lifelong friends. My Tutor has supported me all the way through my journey, and the encouragement from the Senior Tutors and Ambassadors is outstanding. There is always someone to support at any time. I have taken away so much from this journey, particularly a new-found confidence that I never realised I had. Becoming a Makaton Tutor is one of my proudest achievements and a title that I will truly cherish.”

Jess, Tutor Training course May 2021

“I first began my Makaton journey back in 2007 and I have firmly embedded it in my working life since. The last few years have been rather a whirlwind of Makaton from the moment I refreshed all my training and got inspired to become a Makaton Signing for Babies Trainer to embarking on the Tutor Training journey and finally to achieving Makaton Friendly status for my business.

As a licensed Makaton Tutor I am very proud to be able to represent the Charity by teaching others, right from babies, and I hope that my love of working with children, families of all ages, and Makaton shines through everything I do.

It’s been a wonderful journey full of hard work, planning, preparation (and revision!) but well worth it for the opportunity to give everyone a voice. To give them a chance to make choices and be independent, but most of all, to provide them with access to a language programme that can help enable each and every one of them to reach their full potential.”

Pixie, Tutor Training course July 2021


Pixie and Leo

“My journey to becoming a Makaton Tutor has been that of enjoyment. I have had the privilege of learning from very experienced Makaton Tutors and have gone more in depth into the theory part of Makaton, from its history through to techniques of teaching to the required standard expected by the charity.

What I have taken away from my Tutor Training journey is that the support that is always available for you, whether this be from the charity itself or from other Tutors. I have found that other Tutors are always more than happy to help if you have any queries, and the training department are always on the end of a phone or email.

Finally, I would like to add that this has been a dream of mine for many years and all I would say to anybody that is thinking about this journey is, follow your dreams as they can come true!”

David, Tutor Training course July 2021

If the Makaton Tutor training journey sounds like something you’d like to pursue then please email and we can send you more details about the pathway and the application process.