Chloe signz

Chloe with a Makaton Tutor21-year-old Chloe, who has been using Makaton to support her communication since she was a child, has started sharing Makaton on social media, and in weekly singing and signing sessions.

With the support of Dramatize, a theatrical provision for adults with learning disabilities, Chloe has launched an Instagram and Facebook account that shows her followers a sign of the day.

She is also building up her skills as a facilitator, leading a singing and signing class once a week to other Dramatize students.

Chloe with Makaton certificateWorking with adults has meant that Chloe has taken what she learnt from the Makaton “singing with signing” course and applied it to pop songs to keep it relevant.

Chloe is working towards taking her “Chloe signs” workshops into the community and other provisions.

She says “I like helping my friends. I want everyone to know sign”.

Chloe’s social media accounts are:

  • Instagram: @chloe_signz
  • Facebook: @chloesignz