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Makaton symbol for Nappy

Sign of the Week

19th - 25th September 2022

Learn a new word every week and be inspired to get signing.

This week's sign is...



You can download the symbol and line drawing of the sign for Nappy from the Makaton Library:


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For further details see: How do I download the Sign of the Week?

We want to see you signing!

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Signs of the Week

MakaHike 2022: Ben Nevis

MakaHike 2022: Ben Nevis

29 MakaHikers at the summit of Ben Nevis      

Congratulations to our MakaHikers who completed Ben Nevis to raise funds for The Makaton Charity. Our team of intrepid MakaHikers have raised over £9,500 so far!

Thank you to everyone who has donated, all money raised will enable the Makaton Charity to continue our vital work to ensure anyone with learning or communication difficulties has the tools and resources they need to understand and be understood.

It's not too late to support our MakaHikers and any donation, no matter how big or small, will make a difference to the lives of Makaton users and those who support them. Make a donation

29 MakaHikers at the summit of Ben Nevis


12th September 2022


HM Queen Elizabeth II

HM Queen Elizabeth II

Makton symbol for Queen     

It is with real sadness that we read of the passing of our Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. She has been a guiding hand to our nation and an inspiration to all in our community and will be deeply missed. We offer our sincere condolences to the King and all His Family; our thoughts and prayers are with them at this difficult time.

Staement from Buckingham Palace in Makaton symbols


9th September 2022


Odie’s Odd Odyssey

Odie’s Odd Odyssey 

Lotus Lovers and Beatrice  Odie’s Odd Odyssey is Head2Head Sensory Theatre’s latest Makaton-signed, multi-sensory and interactive film, and is available on YouTube for FREE! Just click here to view on YouTube 

Join Odie as part of the ship's crew on their treacherous journey home to Ithaca. Head2Head Sensory Theatre's story is based on Homer’s The Odyssey. Alongside Odie and his friends, you will be entranced by the lotus flowers, escape from Cyclops, enjoy a little bit of luxury, be turned into a pig and much much more!

When you click on the YouTube link for Odie’s Odd Odyssey, you will see the description contains a further link to an accompanying film guide explaining how the multi-sensory and interactive moments work. There are also links to a YouTube playlist, with craft-activities and dance moves to complement the film, and a resource pack which can be found on the Head2Head Sensory Theatre website. The pack suggests a list of bits and bobs to gather together beforehand for a truly multi-sensory and interactive experience. There are things to make too, like a piggy nose, and these are demonstrated by the actors as part of the Odie’s Odd Odyssey YouTube playlist. In addition, the pack contains the storyline and song lyrics (also in widgets), as well as other games and activities

EmilyAnd we are delighted to introduce Emily Monk who is playing the role of Athena.

Emily auditioned for us as part of our professional placement scheme. This is her first paid role! We were also fortunate to have the voice skills of Annabel Inskip and Joss Perring as Muse 1 and Muse 2. Annabel and Joss, along with Archie Smith (in charge of sound during filming), are part of our Work Experience Programme run in conjunction with the Orpheus Centre. You can also see Archie introducing the craft and dance activities on the YouTube Playlist. We even have our patron, the disability campaigner Samantha Renke, voicing a god!

We hope you enjoy watching and joining in with Odie’s Odd Odyssey.  And please remember to hit subscribe on our YouTube channel!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & TikTok @h2htheatre

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Sara Cole

Artistic Director
Head2Head Sensory Theatre

1st Sptember 2022

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