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27th March - 2nd April 2023

Learn a new word every week and be inspired to get signing.

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Important Membership changes

Important changes to Makaton membership

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The Makaton Charity have made the decision to remove Standard membership and going forwards Premium membership will be the only paid membership type we provide. Through extensive user feedback, we have learned that members want access to a wider range of content and not be limited to a small selection of vocabulary and resources. We want to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all our members and providing them with the best possible experience.

We have made this decision based on our commitment to providing high quality products and services. After careful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that the Standard membership does not offer best value for money. We believe that the Premium membership does this more successfully.

Premium membership offers 24/7 digital access to all of the Makaton vocabulary, with 40,000+ symbols, signs and videos to support your everyday needs. You can download your favourite content for easy offline access.

Premium membership includes everyday vocabulary plus Animals, Food and Drink, People (work, leisure and  public services), Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE), Transport and Vehicles, School and Education, and Sex Education.

In addition to vocabulary, we have a wide range of resources available including Games and Activities, Festivals and Celebrations, Inclusive Greetings Cards, Health Communication, Nursery Rhymes and Stories, Sporting Events and much more. We are continuously adding resources on a monthly basis to keep the content as engaging and relevant as possible.

MakaChat is our vibrant online community where members can ask the experts, for advice and guidance. The community allows peer-to-peer support for your everyday communication and learning disability questions.

With Premium membership you can broaden your experience with exclusive Member Events. Meet like-minded people and build on your Makaton knowledge from a diverse array of subject topics.

Premium membership can be accessed for just £9.99 per month, our best value membership product is our Group membership providing 4 logins for only £11.99 per month (£3 per person).

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22nd March 2023


From Baby Signing to Talking Teenager (Part 1)

From Baby Signing to Talking Teenager (Part 1)

About us

Dean family Our family Makaton journey probably first started over 20 years ago when I explored signing for babies after my elder son was born. We then delved further as our younger son William arrived 5 years later. William has Down syndrome, autism plus several medical conditions. He has a hearing loss and has been wearing hearing aids since a baby.

Like many parents we learned Makaton to use at home. I recall we started to sign quite early on with William, then stopped as I couldn’t see William signing back and got quite disheartened. Other kids we knew around his age were picking up signs faster and doing better than him but they did not have his complex health issues going on. We watched Mr Tumble and Singing Hands together then I restarted doing more with him having attended Makaton training and feeling empowered and encouraged by parents of older children who recommended to just keep going. William started to sign, but at a slower pace and in his own way. Makaton and signing remain a big part of his life today as his speech development has been slow. We rely on a mixture of speech, signs and written words. Our use of Makaton has switched focus as he’s grown older to be more age related, be around encouraging communication, choices as well as preparing for adulthood.

My family is the one behind Special iApps C.I.C. as we’ve been developing educational apps for children with a wide range of special educational needs and disabilities since 2011. During the coronavirus pandemic we started working closely with The Makaton Charity and you can read more about this here Special iApps Collaboration, and also what Sarah and Alfie thought of the The Makaton and Special iApps partnership.

If you’d want to introduce Makaton and are looking for tips, then I’d repeat the advice given to me a long time ago.

  • Make it fun, as we all learn more if we enjoy the experience
  • Take it easy, introduce one sign at a time that is meaningful to your family then practice and pace yourself
  • Use it daily, and incorporate throughout your day weaving signs within your routines
  • Keywords, pick out those key words and signs you need for your child you can then build them up to use more together as your child grows and develops
  • Repetition, repetition, repetition, practice, practice and practice
  • Find a signing buddy, as it’s good to share with someone going through the same thing at the same time and these friendships can last a while, even a lifetime!
  • One more thing I would add is that your child and your family are unique. Don’t compare. It’s hard not to as we as parents do, but each child is different. You will get a lot of advice from others (both parents and professionals), some of which may just fit into place, others might not. Never be afraid to try, and if you do stop or pause then take a break but do try again. Always give things a second chance and find your own pace that works for your family.

    At the very start we learned a handful of signs as and when we needed them and learned more as time went on and William progressed. Over the years I’ve met families whose children signed in their early years and then stopped as they started to talk. For us, with William, it’s been the long haul. Signing is still part of our daily lives seventeen years on as we use it when we need to. Makaton isn’t just for babies but for adults too and covers all aspects of life as children grow into teenagers and then into adulthood. There are some fantastic resources available these days, much more than when we first started our journey. I continue to find new things to do with Makaton and find new resources and realise that there was a lot I didn’t know which I wish I did when he was younger and can also see a lot more that is available and that we can use with him now. Learning is lifelong, so we continue our journey…

    Beverley Dean MBE, Founder of Special iApps C.I.C.

    See also


Beverley Dean MBE

13th March 2023

At home

Everyday Vocabulary Flashcards

Everyday Vocabulary Flashcards

Makaton Vocabulary Flashcards

Makaton Vocabulary FlashcardsWe are thrilled to introduce a brand new item in the Makaton Shop: Everyday Vocabulary Flashcards. A powerful tool for individuals of all ages and abilities to enhance communication and language development. With 37 carefully chosen signs and symbols, these flashcards cover a range of essential everyday words such as 'hello', 'house', 'food', 'toilet', 'book', 'telephone', 'yes', 'no', 'where', 'which', 'what', 'happy' and 'sad'.

Measuring 54mm x 85mm, these durable white PVC cards come with a sturdy metal snap ring for easy storage and organisation. Whether you're a parent, teacher, speech therapist, or caregiver, these flashcards can help support communication and interaction with individuals who have communication difficulties, language delays, or learning disabilities.

These flashcards can be used in a variety of ways to build sentences, initiate conversation, or prompt social interactions. They can also be used in conjunction with other Makaton resources to help develop literacy skills, increase vocabulary, and improve comprehension.

With the Everyday Vocabulary Flashcards, you can help individuals improve their communication skills and build confidence in their ability to express themselves. Get yours today for an introductory offer in the Spring Sale for just £11.96 (Usually £14.95). Use code SPRING23 when you checkout. This offer is only available until 31st March so don’t miss out, shop today!

Shop now

As always, your purchase helps support the valuable work we do at The Makaton Charity to improve communication and understanding for everyone. We are grateful for your continued support.

1st March 2023


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