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Taylor’s Terrific New Resource!

Taylor's Terrific New Resource!

Taylor sitting downWe are thrilled to share an exciting addition to the Makaton Library, all thanks to Taylor, a passionate Makaton User. 

Taylor approached us with a brilliant idea: creating Wheelchair Access Posters featuring Makaton symbols. Now, we are delighted to share that these essential resources are readily available for everyone to access!

Taylor told us: “I was exploring the Makaton website and I realised there weren’t many resources for wheelchair users, so I decided to create some. 

I had an idea and the charity’s Resource Team made them a reality. 

I have personal experience of needing space for my wheelchair which I use all of the time. Sometimes if there is no clear parking sign to say that the space needs to be big enough, I haven't been able to get out of my car because others have parked too close. I am excited this resource will help people to think more about the amount of space they leave. 

I designed these posters to raise awareness in the Makaton community of the needs of wheelchair users.”
Thank you Taylor for working with us to create this fantastic resource! 

You can find the four versions of Taylor’s Wheelchair Access poster on the Makaton Library by searching for ‘Wheelchair Access”. 

  • Please remember to leave space for electric wheelchair access
  • Please remember to leave 2 metres for electric wheelchair access
  • Please remember to leave space for manual wheelchair access
  • Please remember to leave 2 metres for manual wheelchair access


wheelchair access poster



18 April 2024


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2023's Best Seller

Makaton Vocabulary Flashcards

Makaton Vocabulary FlashcardsHave you got your Everyday Vocabulary Flashcards yet?

Our bestselling item in 2023 is a powerful tool for individuals of all ages and abilities to enhance communication.

With 37 carefully chosen signs and symbols, these compact flashcards cover a range of essential everyday words and are designed in a convenient pocket size making them perfect for on-the-go use, either independently or attached to a lanyard (sold separately).

These flashcards can be used in a variety of ways to build sentences, initiate conversation, or prompt social interactions. They can also be used in conjunction with other Makaton resources to help develop literacy skills, increase vocabulary, and improve comprehension.

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1st March 2023


Empowering communication in Early Years

Empowering communication in Early Years

Noticeboard with Makaton signs

Noticeboard with Makaton signsJayde Conway is a newly qualified Makaton Tutor and Early Years SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) at The Sunflower Children’s Centre in Tameside. Here, she shares her journey to becoming a Makaton Tutor and the positive impact Makaton is making in her Early Years setting.

In the vibrant world of early childhood education, effective communication is the cornerstone of fostering meaningful connections with young learners. As an enthusiastic advocate for inclusive teaching practices, I embarked on a transformative journey to become a Makaton tutor. This decision was fuelled by the desire to create an environment where every child, regardless of their communication abilities, feels heard and understood.

Children entering a nursery setting come along with a diverse range of communication abilities. Some may be confident communicators, while others may face challenges in expressing themselves. Recognising this diversity, I decided to explore Makaton, a unique and inclusive communication tool.

My journey as a Makaton Tutor began with a comprehensive training programme that covered the fundamentals of the Makaton communication programme. From basic signs and symbols to constructing sentences, my Tutor training provided a thorough understanding of how Makaton can be integrated into everyday life. One of the highlights of the training was the emphasis on practical application. Through hands-on activities and scenarios, I gained confidence in incorporating Makaton seamlessly into nursery routines, learning, and play.

The primary benefit of integrating Makaton into the nursery setting is the enhanced communication between educators and children. For those who may struggle with verbal communication, Makaton provides a visual and tactile means to express their thoughts, needs, and feelings. Makaton fosters inclusivity by breaking down communication barriers. It creates a shared understanding that unites children of diverse communication abilities, promoting a sense of belonging among the nursery community.

Beyond communication, Makaton supports the development of essential skills such as fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, and social interaction. Engaging with signs and symbols stimulates various areas of a child's brain, contributing to their overall development.

Picture of JaydeAs we continue to implement Makaton across our early years setting, I am seeing a positive ripple effect as staff and children develop their communication skills and engagement with Makaton. We have introduced a 'Sign of the Week' board, which has been a great way to support staff and children in learning a brand new sign every single week. Children are more engaged, confident, and expressive in their communication. The nursery environment is a space where every child's unique voice is valued and heard.

Becoming a Makaton Tutor not only enriches my teaching practice but also contributes to the development of an inclusive and empowering nursery environment. By embracing the power of Makaton as a team, we are helping children overcome communication barriers and laying the foundation for a future where every child has the tools they need to thrive. In the colourful world of early childhood education, Makaton is a beacon of inclusivity, ensuring that no voice goes unheard, and I am both excited and proud to finally become part of the Makaton family.


Jayde Conway

19th January 2024

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