How can I teach Makaton?

To teach Makaton you need to be a Makaton Tutor. A Makaton Tutor is usually someone with considerable experience of using Makaton with people of different ages and abilities. A Makaton Tutor can deliver all the standardised Makaton workshops for parents, cares and professionals. Makaton Tutors are also expected to provide support to others around them and liaise regularly with The Makaton Charity.

Make Makaton Your Career

Many Licenced Makaton Tutors run freelance businesses, offering training services independently. The Makaton Charity helps to promote and advertise Makaton Tutor ran courses, and once approved Tutors can be added to The Makaton Charity contractors list, to deliver in-house workshops and courses.

Other Makaton Tutors use their newly found skills to enhance their existing jobs, utilising their sign and symbols knowledge to promote inclusion and diversity, and empowering communication for all.

Tutor Training

Makaton Tutor training enables the learner to understand the structure of the Makaton Language Programme, and ways to implement Makaton in a range of settings with anyone who has a learning and/or communication difficulty. You will develop your knowledge and understanding of sign and symbol use; develop your translation skills and learn about delivering Makaton Workshops.

Training to become a Makaton Tutor could be one of the most rewarding things you do!

Entry Criteria

To apply for Makaton Tutor Training, you must have completed the workshop Levels 1 to 4 and have a minimum of 6 months experience in using the Core Vocabulary after completing Level 4 training.

The application for Tutor Training requires you to meet an entry level standard. The entry assessment consists of four activities; two are symbol translations (symbol design themes and a story translation) and two are signed activities (singing concepts and signing sentences), you will be asked to present these during a scheduled consultation.

During your consultation, your consultant will assess your sign and symbol skills and offer support with any signs that may need adjusting, support with your symbol translation and give you an opportunity to ask questions about the training course. 

After your consultation, you will receive an email highlighting any areas you may need to work on, to reach the entry level standard, and a predicted timescale of your journey to becoming a Makaton Tutor. The consultant’s email will enable you to book the next available Tutor Training course suitable for you.

The pre-course Tutor Training consultation costs £250. Click here to book your consultation today!

Duration and Assessment

Tutor Training is an assessed course. The cost is £2,000, which includes tuition, all course material and access to Level 1 to Level 4 Workshop Tutor Packs on successful completion.

Due to COVID-19 we have revised and adapted the course to be delivered online, retaining the integrity and standard of the course content. At present, all Tutor Training courses will be delivered remotely.

The Tutor Training Learning Pathway: (1) Application, (2) Consultation, (3) Course, (4) Assesment, (5) Makaton Tutor

What is the format of the Makaton Tutor Training Course?

Online Tutor Training

  1. Application and a £250 payment for pre-course Tutor Training must be made prior to progressing
  2. 1:1 consultation via zoom
  3. Full course fee of £2000 must be paid prior to confirmation of your place
  4. Pre-course reading and questions
  5. Online meet and greet session with your course facilitators and peers
  6. Online Tutor Training is delivered over four days, via zoom, which include two optional informal practice evening sessions
  7. Personal feedback session following the course
  8. A month later, post-course work including sign assessment, symbol assessment and a Makaton information and knowledge assessment must be submitted
  9. Your final assessment will be delivering a presentation from the Level 1 Workshop

How do I apply?

Book your pre-course Tutor Training consultation and download and complete the application form. Send your completed application to with a copy of your Level 4 workshop certificate dated in the last 5 years (we may ask to see your previous workshop certificates). Please note, your application will not be processed until you have booked your pre-course Tutor Training consultation.

Click here to download your application form

Click here to download Makaton Tutor Training FAQs

Click here to make your £250 payment for pre-course Tutor Training consultation