How can I teach Makaton?

To teach Makaton you need to be a Makaton Tutor. A Makaton Tutor is usually someone with considerable experience of using Makaton with people of different ages and abilities.  A Makaton Tutor can deliver all of the standardised Makaton workshops and can work freelance.

They are also expected to provide support to others around them and liaise regularly with The Makaton Charity.

Tutor training

Makaton Tutor training covers, in depth, the design of the Makaton Language Programme and its implementation over an extensive range of difficulties.  You will develop your knowledge and understanding of language structure; develop your translation skills; learn about techniques to advance signing and symbol use and learn about delivering Makaton Workshops.

Training to become a Makaton Tutor is rigorous and can be hard work but it could be one of the most rewarding things you do! 

Entry Criteria

To apply for Makaton Tutor Training, you must first complete the Workshop training (Beginners’, Foundation or Levels 1 & 2 and Follow-Up, Enhancement or Levels 3 & 4) and must gain as much experience as possible using stages 1 to 8 and Additional of the Core Vocabulary (at least 6 months from completing your Follow-Up, Enhancement or Level 4 training).

A Makaton Tutor can deliver training for parents and carers and professionals.  A Makaton Tutor can deliver all of the standardised Makaton Workshops, and work freelance.

The application for Tutor training consists of four activities to complete; two are symbol translations and two are signed activities.  The signing activities require you to record yourself signing and sending them back to us via We transfer. Your activities will be moderated by a Senior Tutor based at The Charity who will go through your completed activities and support you with any signs that need adjusting, support with your symbol translation and give you an opportunity to ask questions about the training course. 

You will also need to complete an online application form and send this in with copies of your workshop certificates (dated in the last 5 years) and letters of support from your employer and a Makaton Tutor.

Duration and assessment

Tutor Training is an assessed course. The cost is £1,995, which includes tuition, all course materials and access to Level 1 to Level 4 Workshop Tutor Packs on successful completion.

Due to COVID-19 we have revised and adapted the course to be delivered online, at present all Tutor training courses will be delivered this way.

What is the format of the Makaton Tutor Training Course?

Online Tutor Training

  • Pre-course reading and questions.
  • Online tutor training is delivered in four training sessions over four days, via zoom. This will be half (50%) of the Makaton Tutor Training Course, with tutor contact.
  • Post-course work including sign assessment, symbol assessment and a Makaton information and knowledge assessment
  • Assessments will be ongoing within the Makaton Tutor Training Course.
  • You will be assessed delivering a Presentation and a full Practical Session from the Level 1 Workshop as part of an existing workshop.

Residential Tutor Training

No residential courses are currently being held.

How do I apply?

Please contact the Training Team on for the Application link and Activities to be completed.