Makaton Friendly for...

Sole Traders and Individuals

With over a million Makaton users in the UK, whether you’re a photographer, child minder, or children’s entertainer, becoming Makaton Friendly will open your business up to a new world of enthusiastic customers. If you have a Makaton Tutor and have completed Makaton Training then please apply now, alternatively complete our short enquiry form to register your interest and learn more.

Young man signing on stage while DJingHow does Makaton Friendly help your business?

Makaton Friendly accreditation will give Makaton users, their family, friends, and carers the confidence to choose your business, providing you with an exciting platform for growth.

How does Makaton Friendly help your local community?

In attaining and communicating your Makaton Friendly status you are driving positive change and helping to improve accessibility for people living with learning and communication difficulties in your local area.

How do we promote you?

The Makaton Charity promotes Makaton Friendly partners through our website, newsletters, and local Tutor networks. We also provide partners with marketing assets, tips and guidance to generate interest with the local press, for use in advertising, and to display at your business location.

How to attain Makaton Friendly accreditation

All Makaton Friendly applications must be signed off by a Makaton Tutor who has supported the applicant through the accreditation process.

The Makaton Charity operates a nationwide network of over 1,000 fully qualified, licensed Makaton Tutors. In the first instance please complete our simple enquiry form and we will introduce you to your local Makaton Tutor.

If you have already completed the Makaton Training process and have contact with a Makaton Tutor, you are ready to get started on your Makaton Friendly journey, apply now.

What's included?

  • Ongoing support from your personal Makaton Tutor
  • 24/7 digital access to key signs, symbols and videos in the Makaton Library
  • Downloadable Makaton signs and symbols for on-site use at your business
  • Promotional logos and stickers for your website / social / advertising / windows
  • Promotion on via the interactive Makaton Friendly map
  • Advice and support from peers and experts in the Makaton online community
  • Ongoing inspiration and learning in webinars hosted by Makaton experts

Bronze accreditation

Requirements for Sole Traders and Individuals to attain Makaton Friendly Bronze status

Manwith long white beard in preparation for being Father ChristmasAttend Taster and Level 1 Makaton Training workshops with your Tutor:

  • Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation that different people use alternative ways to communicate and support this
  • Know how to contact your Makaton Tutor, or use the Makaton website, to answer any Makaton queries for your organisation
  • Provide customers with accessible information on request
  • Have easy access to accessible information, notes from your training, and Makaton resource books / downloads

If you have premises customers might visit:

  • Provide a supporting and welcoming environment for those with learning disabilities and communication difficulties
  • Accessible Information easily available at the entrance / reception for everyone to see
  • Makaton information board: sign of the week and useful information featured on it and updated regularly
  • Makaton symbols or another visual support system * are used in one area: for example a menu, noticeboard or storyboard

Use of signs:

  • Makaton signing is used to welcome people to the organisation, if required
  • Awareness of why you use Makaton
  • Makaton used at key points of the day to aid choices, for example meal choices, activities and greetings

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Silver accreditation

Additional requirements for Sole Traders and Individuals to attain Makaton Friendly Silver status

Attend a Level 2 Makaton Training workshop  with your Tutor:

  • Subscribe to the Makaton Monthly  newsletter email
  • Have regular updates with your Makaton Tutor

If you have premises customers might visit:

  • Makaton symbols * and signs used across all staff areas to create a clear, concise, sensory calming environment for Makaton users

Use of symbols:

  • Makaton symbols or another visual support system * are being used directionally to aid navigation around the premises

Use of signs:

  • Understand the difference between the different signing systems

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Ready to apply?

If you have already completed the Makaton Training process and have contact with a Makaton Tutor, you are ready to get started on your Makaton Friendly journey...

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* Makaton symbols

We understand that Makaton symbols are not always used, and it can be outside of your control, for instance the local council have made a decision to not support the use of it. If you do not use Makaton symbols, please let us know what you use instead.