Shona's Makaton Story, Part 4

Shona and MichaelThe fourth and final part of Shona and Michael's Makaton story. Read Part 3

Michael is now 20 – OMG!  Where did the time go?  He left school a year ago and now is a student at Percy Hedley College in Newcastle, it is a fantastic place and he loves it!  Although Percy Hedley was originally a BSL Signing organisation - they have Makaton on board to add to the Total Communication approach within college. Michael’s Makaton vocabulary is growing and getting better and more accurate with age and practice – and Makaton Signing at college undoubtedly reinforces this.  We are also hearing more words –always in the right context and often when we least expect them – which is fantastic! (I will never forget…..‘’Mum, Dolphin I want one’’ – but that’s for another blog……)

His Course in Independence and Skills allows lots of Makaton and PECS use in many varied situations across the college day.  The students have many days out – museums/places of local interest/Bowling/Trampolining (Michael’s particular favourite) and visits to the Pub for lunch (a very close second favourite!) He’s having a great time and continues to learn new things every day.

Things are moving on for me too.  I am North East Parent Adviser for Contact a Family and also a Sessional Tutor for a Further Education Learning and Skills provider locally.  I teach Makaton for 1 session per week to a group of 8-10 young adult learners. Last term my learners completed Stages 1- 4 Signs and Symbols plus many more additional signs and symbols linked to the Learning Outcomes of the set Course. We looked at Friendship, Team working, Safety in the Community (where we met local community Policeman - Liam – who knew some Signs by the time he left too!) We also learned more about the Emergency Services, Healthy Living, Diet, and Sleep, Fundraising, Voting and more.

Some Learners had used Makaton at school and were a little ‘rusty’ as their previous respective FE Colleges had not, in many cases – been Makaton friendly environments.  It really is fantastic to see their Signing confidence re-emerge and as many of the learners are coming back next term to learn some more, I shall have to get inventive with some new resources and my ‘Makaton Activities for Adults’ and other downloads! 

As our journey progresses – I have been saddened to see that Makaton seems to be left behind at the school gates in many cases.  I am reminded why I learned Makaton in the first place 17+ years ago (I feel old!) and why I continue to be an avid practitioner.  In many lives - like Michaels - Makaton is for a lifetime of Communication and does not stop when school stops. When Michael leaves College and enters the world of Adult Social Care – I shall make it my business to ensure that those around him are Makaton Signers – even if I need to train them myself!

If I can help you to learn Makaton – contact me at or telephone 07961 979831.