New Life Nursery

New Life Nursery is the first preschool in Congleton to receive Makaton Friendly status.

Children holding Makaton Friendly certificate

We have a little boy who has Down’s Syndrome and using Makaton with him was really where our Makaton journey began.

At New Life Nursery all staff have received Makaton taster training and we have one fully trained practitioner who helps the whole staff team develop their signing. 

Callum with Makaton Friendly certificateIt was tricky at first trying to learn and remember new signs.  Signs around the nursery including the kitchen cupboards help to prompt us.

Our children are excited to ask for their drinks at snack time by signing and we sign our snack time song and end of day song too. We are starting to see the children use signs during play when asking for help or encouraging each other to share.

Using Makaton on a daily basis means that our nursery is accessible to everyone, including children and/or their families who find communication difficult for whatever reason.  We are very proud to have been recognised as Makaton Friendly.

Callum with his mum, TinaCallum’s mum, Tina, says “I’m really pleased that the nursery has taken the time to all learn something that will benefit my son and others. It stops him becoming frustrated when he can’t express himself.”

We are very grateful to Cheshire Down’s Syndrome Support group for training, supporting  and encouraging our staff.

We would encourage anyone thinking of learning Makaton to have a go. It can make such a difference to anyone who finds communication tricky.