Makaton Scavenger Hunt

 Staff from South Staffordshire College at the scavenger hunt

South Staffordshire College staffFor South Staffordshire College’s end of term Staff Wellbeing Celebration and Awards Event the college’s Teaching and Learning Team and resident Makaton experts Alison Fawdrey & Carol Barr came together to work on a project which would raise the awareness of Augmented Reality and Makaton to all the college’s academic, business and support staff.

The team developed an Augmented Reality (AR) scavenger hunt where staff followed a series of Augmented Reality Checkpoint posters located across the college’s Rodbaston campus. Staff triggered the digital content and tried to complete the hidden questions and activities from the Augmented Reality posters. On the way staff learnt about the college campus and what it has to offer to both staff and learners, learn some Makaton signs, whilst having a great time.

South Staffordshire College playing drumsThe staff wellbeing event was held at the colleges Rodbaston campus on Friday 8th July 2022 and incorporated fun activities including live music, raffles, drum for fun, laughing yoga, encounters with animals and reptiles, a free BBQ and awards presented to staff by the college’s executive leadership team.

Steve Wileman Head Of Digital Learning said:

“The wellbeing day was a great success and the Augmented Reality activity allowed staff to discover parts of the campus they have never visited before. Instead of relying on written notes to navigate around the college campus, the Augmented Reality and Makaton content turned this into an interactive experience by introducing digital items into their journey. Makaton signing was one of the quiz elements for each of the AR web trail posters. Staff downloaded the free AR platform Zappar (or simply used the QR code from their smart phone camera ).

At each AR poster, staff pointed their phone at the AR/QR code poster, which triggered information , videos and quiz elements. Alison demonstrated relevant Makaton signs for staff to learn as they progressed around the campus and completed the AR Webtrail and quiz.”

QR CodeJanine Magee Head Of Teaching & Learning said:

“Makaton reached every staff member at the college who took part in the AR web trail. At lunch time when staff collect their free burgers they were encouraged to say “thank you” in Makaton when they received their food. Staff really enjoyed learning the Makaton signs and are now contacting Alison, Carol and the Teaching and Learning Service to embed both Makaton & Augmented Reality into their lessons.”

Based on staff feedback from the Wellbeing day the college’s Digital Technologist Jake Owen & Makaton experts have been developing more AR web trail activities and posters that incorporate Makaton signing for the colleges September learner inductions. An example can be seen below.

Scan to experience the QR/AR content yourself.