Friendly Fish & Chips

Richard & Josette Foster with their Makaton Friendly certificate

Richard & Josette Foster with their Makaton Friendly certificateFish and Chips @ Weston Grove is the first Makaton Friendly fish and chip shop.

They first heard about Makaton when they were approached by Amanda Glennon to become Makaton Friendly. Amanda runs the training and her daughter Alice is a Makaton user. The owners Josette and Richard Foster were very excited about this and jumped at the opportunity. They had seen Makaton used by Mr Tumble on Cbeebies TV, on Strictly Come Dancing and on the Pride of Britain Awards.

The Weston Grove team attended a free Makaton workshop in September 2019. This valuable training gave them the skills and confidence to use Makaton in the shop.
Each member of staff who is trained wears a Makaton lanyard which is easily recognisable to users. Attached to this is a variety of generic and Fish and Chip shop specific picture cards. These cards are used along side hand signs, speech and facial gestures to communicate to customers.

Josette said, “It is really fantastic to see our customers being given the opportunity to order their fish and chips independently and confidently in a caring environment. We all get very excited!”

Some members of staff are now taking the training further to become Makaton Champions. The shop now provides further resources such as books and signs that are Makaton Friendly.

Richard said, “ We now have a growing number of Makaton users who find our shop through the Makaton Friendly search on the Makaton website."

Fish and Chips @ Weston Grove is an award winning Fish and Chip Shop and came third in the National Fish and Chip shop awards this year. The couple lead by example and now urge other fish and chip shops in the uk to get involved.