Why become Makaton Friendly

There are many benefits to becoming Makaton Friendly:

Increased business potential

By making your business more accessible to Makaton users you will widen your customer base. Being Makaton Friendly will enable Makaton users to feel confident to use your services as well as enabling carers and parents to use services where they know someone understands and will treat them like everyone else. It can increase customer satisfaction which could lead to increased business.

Investment in staff

As an organisation you can choose what elements of Makaton you would like to use, but by offering your staff the opportunity to learn and use Makaton (how much is up to you) you are empowering them and enabling them to grow and increase their skill set. These communication skills are life enhancing and they will be able to carry with them throughout their lives.

Strengthening community ties

Within our communities there will always be individuals who struggle to communicate at some level. The Makaton Friendly Scheme will allow people who use Makaton to feel welcome, included and access services within the wider community, just like everyone else can.

Increased publicity

The Makaton Charity will let other people know you are Makaton Friendly. This could be through our website, newsletters and local tutor networks. It is also an opportunity for you to create interest with the local press etc using the status of Makaton Friendly to increase publicity for your organisation (see press release tips (doc file, 17kb)).


As a Makaton Friendly organisation you will gain exposure within the business community and the wider general community by going the extra distance to help people with individual needs. It is a unique selling point which will set you apart from other similar businesses. Awards are granted for one year.