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Each day we have a new theme to refine and test your Makaton skills, see how much you can improve your knowledge with our weekly 7-day insights:

Monday: Sign of the Week

Every Monday we release a Sign of the Week , see if you can introduce this new sign into your daily use of Makaton.

Tuesday: Topic Tuesday *

Topic Tuesday focuses on a topic, showing videos relating to the topic. For example Breakfast might be the topic, and we will show you 4 related signing videos such as porridge, toast, cereal, croissant.

Screenshot of the topic Breakfast, with the symbol for Breakfast, and videos of the signs for Ceraeal, Toast, Porridge and Croissant

Wednesday: Which Wednesday

Test your Makaton symbol knowledge and correctly identify which symbol is being named in the quiz, check the answer sheet in library to see if your first guess was right.

Screenshot showing the question 'Which symbol is for lollipop?' and the symbols for lollipop, sweet, and doughnut

Thursday: Thesaurus Thursday *

Each week we will focus on a concept that can be used for several words, supporting with teaching you how to use one sign for different meanings. Clever stuff! For example, you can use the sign for ‘Cold’ and say either chilly, chilled, winter, freezing or cool, and alter your facial expression and body language to support.

Screenshot showing a video of the sign for Cold, and a list of synonyms: chilly, chilled, winter, freezing, cool

Friday: Fun Friday

Guess the symbol from the snapshot given in the image. We give you a little clue to try and figure it out. Check the answer sheet in the library to see if you guessed it right.

Screenshot showing part of the symbol for Angel

Saturday: Makaton Moments

Keep your Makaton passion alive and see how Makaton is being used to support people in all sorts of wonderful ways. If you have a Makaton moment, get in touch with us at [email protected] so you can feature in our inspirational piece.

Screenshot showing a pupil from Hill Croft School using Makaton

Sunday: Scavenger Sunday

Each Sunday see if you can find something related to our scavenger hunt. Show us what you found by posting a photo on social media!

Screenshot showing the symbols for 'Find something' and 'blue'

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