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We are committed to offering our members more value, and as part of this commitment we are scheduling monthly events for our members, to support with a range of topics that we know are important to you.

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List of events

Diary of a Makaton user (part 1)

* FREE. ALL CAN ATTEND. 2pm-3pm, Tuesday 26th July 2022 * I've been using Makaton for over 35 years to communicate my wants, needs, and feelings. It was my only way of communicating for many years. I would like to invite you to hear my story...

Making choices: independently using Communication Boards

* FREE. MEMBERS ONLY. 11am-12 noon, Tuesday 30th August 2022 * Find out how to get started using a Core Vocabulary communication board to develop language and enable successful communication...

MakaChat revived: release to Makaton Members

* FREE. MEMBERS ONLY. 2pm-3pm, Tuesday 6th September 2022 * Members are you ready? We're excited to relaunch our new version of MakaChat! We want to share with you exclusively the new platform...

Special iApps and TMC partnership

* FREE. ALL CAN ATTEND. 1pm-2pm, Monday 26th September 2022 * Supporting learning and language development through technology and Makaton Symbols. Makaton have just launched a new partnership with Special iApps. Want to know more?

Bedtime story with Singing Hands

* FREE. MEMBERS ONLY. 6.00pm-6.45pm, Wednesday 5th October 2022 * Join Suzanne and Tracy of Singing Hands for some Makaton-signed bedtime stories. Get in your PJs and snuggle up with your favourite teddy or toy and sign some favourite stories...

Diary of a Makaton user (part 2)

* FREE. ALL CAN ATTEND. 12.30pm-1.30pm, Wednesday 19th October 2022 * Independent living as an adult, where I need to use Makaton daily, from reminding me to lock the front door with symbol reminders to booking my holidays and going on adventures...

Makaton Friendly: what's it all about?

* FREE. ALL CAN ATTEND. 12 noon-1pm, Tuesday 25th October 2022 * Are you interested in becoming Makaton Friendly? Want to know what its all about and how you could support the Makaton Community?

Previous events

Recordings of previous events are available to Members (including free trial members) in the Makaton Library .