Member Events

We are committed to offering our members more value, and as part of this commitment we are scheduling monthly events for our members, to support with a range of topics that we know are important to you.

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List of events

Getting the most out of the Makaton Library: a live orientation

* FREE. ALL CAN ATTEND. 3pm-4pm, Monday 31st January 2022 * Explore the Makaton Library, and learn how to to download resources, save and use favourite signs and symbols, and share content with family and friends...

Considering sensory needs when using Makaton

* FREE. MEMBERS ONLY. 10am-11am, Wednesday 9th February 2022 * Someone’s sensory needs can affect their use of Makaton, both with signing and symbol use. This session explores strategies to support people with sensory processing difficulties...

Singing Hands Pop Party

* FREE. MEMBERS ONLY. 5pm-6pm, Tuesday 22nd March 2022 * Join Suzanne and Tracy of Singing Hands for an hour-long pop party to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. The session will feature a collection of favourite pop songs, signed in Makaton...

Speech production and how Makaton can help children with speech difficulties

* FREE. MEMBERS ONLY. 3pm-4pm, Monday 25th April 2022 * Development of sounds / How sounds are made / Where sounds are made / How Makaton can help children with speech difficulties / Personal experience

Using Makaton in teaching and learning modern languages

* FREE. MEMBERS ONLY. 3pm-4pm, Monday 23rd May 2022 * Would you like to use Makaton to help you learn a new language? This session explains the Little Bilinguals programme to use Makaton to support the use of teaching and learning a language...

MakaChat coffee morning

* FREE. MEMBERS ONLY. 9.30am-10.30am, Wednesday 29th June 2022 * In this informal session, we will pair you up with another attendee to talk Makaton. Practise your conversation skills using Makaton, ask for advice, share your Makaton story...

Previous events

Recordings of previous events are available to Members (including free trial members) in the Makaton Library .