Member Events

We are committed to offering our members more value, and as part of this commitment we are scheduling monthly events for our members, to support with a range of topics that we know are important to you.

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List of events

Early Communication

* FREE. CORE MEMBERS ONLY. 10am, 25th February 2021 * Online event suitable for all parents, carers, 1:1 support staff & teaching assistants. The learning of communication skills needs each layer to be firmly in place, before the next will develop..

Employment for People with SEND / Learning Disability

* FREE. OPEN TO ALL. 9.30am, 4th March 2021 * Mencap’s four employment programmes and how they and other organisations help people with SEND/Learning Disability find their way into the labour market...

Introducing Makaton within the home

* FREE. CORE MEMBERS ONLY. 7pm, 22nd March 2021. * Keeping a consistent approach. Includes: symbols around the home, use of 'more' for a motivator, using symbols to support choice, games...

Understanding the research behind Makaton

* FREE. OPEN TO ALL. 10am, 22nd April 2021. * We will summarise the benefits of Makaton using evidence ranging from in-depth studies to real life stories...

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

* FREE. CORE MEMBERS ONLY. 2pm, 26th May 2021. * How to classify AAC systems. Factors that help to select the most suitable AAC device based. Examples of AAC types. The importance of multi-modal communication...

On body signing

* FREE. CORE MEMBERS ONLY. 11am, 4th August 2021. * Tactile signing with blind children. The importance of gesture and sign. Touch cues, adapted signing, co-active signing and on-body signing. Strategies for how to teach tactile signing...

Using Makaton with Animal Assisted Therapy

* FREE. CORE MEMBERS ONLY. 12 noon, 29th October 2021. * What is animal assisted therapy? How can animal assisted therapy help? Dog body language. Introducing signs to your pet..