Lynda Matthews

Lynda Matthews

The Makaton Charity would like to express our deep sadness at the passing of Lynda Matthews at the age of 90. Some of you may have known her personally from the early days of Makaton, and it's clear from talking with Margaret and others who worked with her that she played a pivotal role in deploying the Makaton Language Programme. Without her passion, expertise and enthusiasm, today's Charity would not be the success it is.

A tribute from Margaret Walker:

It is with great fondness and respect that I will remember Lynda, as will many Makaton Tutors and work colleagues. She was the very first Makaton Training Officer, being appointed in the early 1980’s, just as interest in the Makaton Language Programme was increasing from all over the UK, and the need to provide relevant training was growing.

These were the pioneering days, when a small group of professionals including Lynda, joined me, not just to provide Makaton training, but to design and formalise the actual courses to suit the differing needs of parents, carers and a wide range of professionals. Lynda worked tirelessly so that we could provide a network of highly trained Makaton Tutors across the UK and many will remember her for the support and encouragement she gave them.

When interest in Makaton came from other countries, it was Lynda who joined me to take up the challenge, in countries as different as Norway, the USA, Kuwait and India.

I will always be grateful to Lynda for the personal loyalty and support that she gave me throughout and the invaluable contribution she made to the Makaton Charity.

Margaret Walker MBE
Founder of Makaton