Special iApps and Makaton Collaboration 

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Special iApps and The Makaton Charity have been working closely to enable the Makaton Language Programme to be used as part of the Special iApps Membership.

Special iApps are pleased to offer a growing set of resources that include images of official Makaton symbols with corresponding text and audio. These are currently available to download and use in the Special Words Plus app, which is available as part of the Special iApps Membership.

To access the resources you must have a membership to both Special iApps and Makaton. Makaton symbol add-ons are currently provided for Special Words Plus only. These resources are grouped according to your Makaton Membership level and the ones that you can access therefore depend on your current membership level. Free and Standard resources are now available, Premium resources are coming soon.

Using these resources in Special Words Plus is a great way to learn and reinforce sign-based communication, as well as encouraging speech and other skills.

To view and use Makaton resources in Special Words Plus you need to login to your Makaton Membership account and copy your iMIS ID number, you'll be required to enter this into your Special iApps account and will link your two accounts together. Once linked the Makaton vocabulary will remain available to use within Special Words Plus. You are required to have both a valid Special iApps Membership as well as valid Makaton Membership to use the apps together.

To celebrate the launch of this new partnership, Special iApps are offering a 50% discount to Makaton Members until July 31st. Please visit https://www.specialiapps.org/en/subscribe-special-iapps and apply the discount code MAKATONJUL50 which will give you 50% off your first years’ membership to Special iApps.

(Discounted rates: 1 device membership usually costs £50, but is £25 for Makaton Members. 3 device membership usually costs £100, but is £50 Makaton Members)