Something Special

The BBC's award-winning Something Special children's programme features Mr Tumble, played by Justin Fletcher, who uses Makaton symbols and signs to support speech throughout each programme.

Makaton users have loved having 'their own' programme on television.  And over the years it has become one of the most popular children's programmes on television, loved by all children and adults alike!

"My daughter loves Something Special and asks for it morning, noon and night.  She has learned so much from it, as have me and her dad!"
Lisa, Jaimee's mum

Mr Tumble wearing a very wide orange and yellow flower headdress

The programmes use a simple repetitive format, making it easy to learn the Makaton symbols and signs used in each episode.  Children are encouraged to join in with activities, songs and games.  With Mr Tumble and friends there are lots of laughs, making it almost impossible not to join in the fun!

Over the years, one of the greatest benefits to Makaton users that Something Special has helped achieve is that today, it is not unusual to see children out and about, at nursery or in school, using Makaton symbols and signs to communicate.  And the best thing?  Their friends know Makaton too!

Go to the Something Special website for further details.

Join in with Justin when he sings the theme tune from Something Special, the Hello Song, with our free download of line drawings of signs used in the song, which can be downloaded from the Makaton Library.


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