Who uses Makaton?

Makaton users include...

People with learning or communication difficulties

Makaton is the UK's leading language programme for adults and children with learning or communication difficulties.  It is also used by everyone who shares their lives, for example, parents and other family members, friends and carers, and education and health professionals.

How Makaton helps people living with...

People developing their language and literacy skills

Makaton is used for teaching communication, language and literacy skills with children and adults who are at an early stage of communication and language development.  This structured approach can also help people who are learning English as an additional language, helping them to communicate straightaway, while also supporting their learning.

Mainstream schools

Makaton is regularly used in mainstream schools, to support all children to develop communication, language and literacy skills.  It is also supports integration, as children with and without language difficulties can communicate with each other, learn and play together more easily.

People looking after babies and young children

There is a special Makaton Signing for Babies training, available to parents, family members and professionals who wish to sign with the babies and children in their care. Signing while speaking, has been show to encourage the development of communication and language skills.  It can also give carers a greater understanding of a baby's wants and needs, which can help reduce frustration.

All of us

Makaton symbols are widely used in public buildings such as schools, hospitals, courts and libraries, to help people find their way around.  So, you may be using Makaton in daily life without even knowing it!