Core values

The Makaton Charity's Core Values: Excellence, Integrity, Innovation, Collaboration, and RespectOur values define who we are as an organisation and how we will work with each other and our partners. They are more than simply words, they are driving principles of behaviours and decision making we should all strive to uphold and inspire in others.


We strive to improve lives

We put the Makaton Family at the heart of everything

We deliver outstanding service


We are fair and transparent in all that we do

We are responsible and accountable for our actions

We work with people who share our values


We think with no boundaries

We believe the seemingly impossible is possible

We are positive and lead the way


We work collaboratively to build effective solutions

We engage with others to share ideas and approaches

We create strong and successful working relationships


We give everyone a voice

We value each other’s contributions

We behave respectfully towards each other and encourage a sense of belonging