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Picture of the productTotemigo

An exciting new communication tool

Totemigo is a multi-purpose tactile tool which uses Makaton symbols to help you communicate and learn in a variety of fun ways. You can use Totemigo for making choices, sentences, matching and much more.

(Please allow 21 days for delivery.)

There are 4 simple steps to using Totemigo:

  1. Choose your Makaton Core Vocabulary symbols from the Totemigo website
  2. Print, laminate and cut to size
  3. Insert labels
  4. Communicate, learn and play. Let's go!

“Totemigo is an excellent tool which I found really helpful for children in a school setting. I used this at first for a sequencing activity within a communication activity. The pupils found it easy to use and the visuals created a great support and reference point. This would be a tool that I would use widely across my classroom for various activities and with a variety of children.”
Alicia Dooley – Dorin Park School

Use Totemigo with Makaton for...

  • Matching e.g. shapes, colours, animals
  • Building sentences
  • Sequence of events e.g. hospital visit
  • Recognition practice between object of reference and symbols
  • Instructions e.g. cooking, daily living
  • Timetables
  • Now and Next options
  • Communicating wants and needs (complex but looking into it)
  • Games
  • Subjects e.g. maths sums, PE, science
  • Choice making e.g. food choices, clothes, play time activities, colours
  • Family tree
  • Stories
  • Colourful semantics
  • Emotions e.g. how are you feeling, how is someone else feeling

Price: 59.00

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Picture of the productTotemigo storage sleeves

Pack of 20 sleeves for storing your Totemigo symbol strips. You can store 5 strips in each sleeve.

Price: 14.90

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Picture of the productMake and Do

Activities, ideas, songs and stories using Makaton symbols and signs, designed to encourage learning through play.

The book covers six topics (me, houses and homes, gardening, transport, weather and bears) and includes useful everyday phrases and a finger spelling chart. Each topic contains a series of activities grouped under the headings: interests table, cooking and crafts. There are also suggestions for songs and stories at the end of each topic.

Sign and symbol illustrations are provided for each activity. And there are Makaton translations of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Thirsty Black Crow.

None of the activities depend on buying expensive materials, just using everyday items such as cardboard boxes, paper, paint, glue, oddments of wool, and scraps of fabric.

Price: 14.44

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Picture of the productMakaton Games

Ideas for games and activities to help children and adults use Makaton informally and spontaneously.

The games and activities use everyday objects, range from single sign or symbol use onwards, and are enhanced with a selection of really useful vocabulary to complement the Makaton core vocabulary, such as food, clothing, transport, weather, and colours.

Price: 22.05

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Picture of the productLords Prayer
Downloadable PDF file. 

Three versions of the Lord's Prayer. One with words and signs and two versions with words, signs and music, together with a sign bank of all the signs used in the book.

Price: 4.73

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Picture of the productHail Mary
Downloadable PDF file. 

Produced in response to demand from users wishing to take a more active role in faith and worship, this resource provides an interpretation of The Hail Mary, with text and line drawings of signs.

Price: 3.47

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Picture of the productWatching your favourite sports
Downloadable PDF file. 

Designed to encourage Makaton users' interest in sport and to build their confidence in talking about the sports they like and enjoy watching on TV.

Watching Your Favourite Sports has three activities:

  • identify and talk about a range of sports watched on television
  • identify how you feel when watching sports and which sports you like
  • create a timetable so you know when your favourite sports are on television
Sample timetable (to know when your favourite sports are on TV)
Sample timetable

Each activity is accompanied by the relevant symbols and signs, and includes helpful suggestions and additional ways for Makaton users to be able to understand and communicate about their favourite sports.

The following sports are covered: athletics, bowls, boxing, cricket, cycling, dancing, darts, football, Formula 1, golf, gymnastics, horse racing, ice skating, Moto GP, rally car racing, rugby, snooker, tennis, and wrestling.

For a complete list of words included in this resource, see the Watching my favourite sports word list.

Price: 5.78

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Picture of the productFootball Games
Downloadable PDF file. 

Sign supported instructions for nine great football activities to aid skills development, with ideas for progression and for helping struggling players.

Learn new football training skills. Use signs to give instructions and support communication. Develop team skills and know the rules for play. Contains the following activties:

  • Clap and Catch
  • Lion’s Den
  • Follow the Leader
  • Traffic Lights
  • Foxes and Rabbits
  • Robin Hood
  • Ball Control
  • Passing
  • Dribbling

Price: 2.61

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Picture of the productYour Home
Downloadable PDF file. 

Designed to help Makaton users identify, name and find household items. Learn what items are found in different rooms and what they are used for.

This resource includes:

  • ideas for games to help find items around the home
  • symbols and signs for the rooms in the home and household items
  • suggestions for other fun activities, such as matching games and creating photo albums of your home
Sample 'Can you find?' activity
Sample 'Can you find?' activity

Price: 2.89

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Picture of the productThe Weather
Downloadable PDF file. 

Designed to help Makaton users identify types of weather, make a weather chart and choose appropriate clothes for the weather conditions.

Once you have completed the purchase, click on 'Your account' then 'Resource library' to download the pdf file to your computer.

This resource includes:

  • Makaton symbols for types of weather and some clothing
  • signs and phrases to help talk about weather and what to wear
  • ideas and instructions for making weather charts and weather diaries
Sample weather diary
Sample weather diary

Price: 2.89

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Picture of the productBuilding A Family Tree
Downloadable PDF file. 

Designed to help Makaton users recognise themselves and members of their family.

By creating a Family Tree children and adults will learn who is in their family, understand how other members of their family are related to them and be able to tell other people.

This resource includes:

  • a template to make a Family Tree

  • Makaton symbols for family members

  • signs and phrases to help talk about family

  • instructions for getting the best out of using a Family Tree

Sample Family Tree
Sample Family Tree

Price: 2.89

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Picture of the productSorting Activities
Downloadable PDF file. 

Learn how to sort objects into groups. Show others that you can match and sort your belongings. Make a dice to use in a sorting game.

This resource includes:

  • symbols and signs for everyday clothing
  • symbols and signs for colours
  • signs and instructions to help with sorting activities
  • a template for making sorting game dice
Sample dice
Sample dice

Price: 3.31

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Picture of the productAll About My Senses
Downloadable PDF file. 

All About My Senses is full of fun activities using Makaton symbols and signs to encourage children to explore their senses.

The activities are designed to encourage children to explore the senses of touch, taste, hearing, and sight.

The download includes extension activities based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I Hear Thunder, and making wallcharts.

The activities in All About My Senses are based on two publications available from The Makaton Charity: Makaton Make and Do and Makaton Games. The books give ideas for games and activities to help people use Makaton informally and spontaneously.

Price: 1.97

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Picture of the productNow and Next
Downloadable PDF file. 

Provides a visual prompt to help Makaton users to move on from one activity to another and to prepare them for what will happen next. (Designed by Makaton Tutor Lesley Bungay.)

It can also be used to show them that a preferred activity (one which they find motivating) will happen, but after something else, for example 'Now puzzle, next computer.'

Knowing what to expect and when can help to reduce anxiety for some users.

Includes Makaton symbols and signs for now, next, to sing, home, to create/ model, music, register, to play, toys, circle time, play dough, to glue/ stick, puzzle, computer, to build, bricks, story, book, to draw, to read, water, to paint, sand (2), apron, forest, outside, to walk, hold hands, to climb, tricycle, to run, ball, coat off, coat on, nappy, toilet, snack, wash hands, dinner (1), fruit, a drink of water, lunch box/ packed lunch, to cook (3), and to cook (1).

The symbols provided are only a sample of what language could be used, but are based on common activities that users will engage with at a setting.There are blank spaces provided to add your own drawings, pictures or photos.

Who might benefit from this resource

  • A user who has difficulty finishing one activity and moving on to another.
  • A user who has difficulty moving from a user led activity to an interactor led task.
  • A user who is reluctant to participate in a particular activity, for example, messy play (in this case the second item on the board would be something which you know the user really enjoys).
  • A user with limited attention skills.

Price: 2.78

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