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Signs for Schools and Colleges CD

CD with 98 Makaton symbols to help you to create signage and wayfinding resources for school and college sites.

Special Schools and Residential Colleges have long understood the benefits of using symbols to help their students to fully access their learning environment. Ordinary written signs are of limited help to learners with language and communication difficulties, many of whom will struggle to read written words.

Using symbols for school signage is good practice for most Special Education services; however it is also ideal for environments where pupils with additional needs are likely to be integrated into mainstream services. Part of accessing learning is being able to access the learning environment, and using symbols makes a positive contribution.

Use Makaton Symbols to:

  • Help learners find their way around buildings and sites

  • Support Inclusiveness by helping all pupils to find the rooms and areas they need to go to

  • Support Independence by encouraging learners to approach, enter and exit a building

  • Enable learners to access other areas where Makaton symbols are used

See also: Signage for Schools and Colleges word list for a full list of the symbols included in this resource.

Price: 34.55
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