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Picture of the productSmall bundle

One orange retractable ballpoint pen (ink colour: black), one Makaton lanyard, and one 30mm button badge, all branded with the Makaton logo.

We cannot specify the colour of the badge: it will be one of the colours shown here.

Price: 3.95

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Picture of the productLanyards (pack of 10)

Pack of 10 lanyards branded with the Makaton logo.

Price: 15.12

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Picture of the productBadges (pack of 20)

Pack of twenty 30mm Makaton button badges.

Please note the badges will be a mixture of the colours shown - we cannot specify how many of each colour will be in each pack.

Price: 12.60

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Picture of the productPens (pack of 10)

Pack of 10 orange retractable ballpoint pens, branded with the Makaton logo. Ink colour: black.

Price: 10.08

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