Face-to-face workshops

There are over 1,000 licensed Makaton Tutors across the UK, delivering training to over 30,000 parents, carers and professionals every year.  Having a tutor network across the UK means people access Makaton training locally and have a local support network.

Most tutors are employed by health, education and social care organisations and deliver Makaton training as part of their job.  Others work in a freelance capacity.

How do I find an online Workshop?

Go to Find training and set the Event location to 'In person'.

Covid restrictions

If Tutors are delivering face-to-face training, it is very important that they take advice from their local council and health authority on the presiding conditions and rules that are applicable within the training location. Tutors must undertake their own risk assessment, maintain full compliance with all local and national restrictions, and ensure their personal trading insurance allows them to operate. 

How much is the training?

Makaton workshops are provided through our tutor network. In order to help keep the cost of Makaton training as low as possible, The Makaton Charity recommends the levels of fees that tutors and trainers should charge. The recommended price for ONLINE workshops is £81 per person; for FACE to FACE training Tutors and trainers also have to cover the cost of room hire, travel and other necessary expenses.

As part of your training, you will receive your own study materials which include: Makaton symbols and signs, participant manual(s) and a certificate of attendance.