Makaton Training in your workplace

Makaton training in your workplace is a fun and engaging way for you and your colleagues to start or continue your Makaton journey. Learning takes place in group workshops, either online or face to face at your workplace, to suit your needs. Training is delivered by a licensed Makaton Tutor who teaches Makaton signs and symbols and how Makaton can be adapted for use in different settings.

Makaton training enables your staff to communicate confidently with people who have communication difficulties and needs. Training can offer ideas, advice, and guidance to improve your communication, accessibility, and inclusion strategies.

Get started by choosing one of the following:


New to Makaton?

The core Makaton training journey starts with the Level 1 workshop. This workshop provides a practical and theory-based introduction to the Makaton Language Programme and teaches around 120 signs and symbols to support communication about a person’s immediate needs.

Continuing your Makaton Journey…

Following the Level 1 workshop, learners can extend and deepen their understanding by attending more advanced workshops. Level 2 – 4 learners will build their confidence in using signs and symbols accurately, develop skills in translation and enhance knowledge learnt in previous workshops.

Learning Vocabulary per Workshop Level

Use the wheel below to learn which vocabulary is taught during each workshop level.

Four concentric circles showing Workshop Levels 1 to 4. Level 1 is in the centre, then Level 2, then Level 3, with Level 4 the outside circle

Online or Face-to-Face?

Face-to-Face training
is delivered in your workplace in groups of up to 12-15 learners. Face to face workshops are typically completed within one day.

Up to 8 learners = £960
Additional learners up to a maximum of 15 = £120 per person

Online training is delivered in real time over a virtual meeting platform such as Zoom to a group of up to 11 learners.  An online workshop for one level consists of 7-8 learning hours which can be delivered flexibly to meet your needs.

Up to 8 learners = £816
Additional learners up to a maximum of 11 = £102 per person

Workplace training is priced the same for any workshop level.  Prices are inclusive of Participants’ Manuals and certificates of attendance, Tutor fee(s), expenses and admin costs.

To train a larger number of learners, we would split them into groups and arrange either for the same Tutor to deliver more workshops on different days or for multiple Tutors to deliver workshops at the same time.