Online workshops

Learn Makaton in the comfort of your own home.

We have been working hard to adapt our service within the current uncertain climate, to ensure we meet the needs of the Makaton community during these challenging times. We are delighted to announce that Makaton workshops are now being delivered online by licensed Makaton Tutors.

All you need is a computer with a webcam and a stable internet connection.

Online workshops are limited to 8 participants.

How does online training work?  

The online training is a combination of practical signing sessions and presentations delivered live by a Licenced Makaton Tutor. Your Tutor will send you a link/invitation to the training upon payment. You will need to provide your address to the tutor so they can send you a Participant’s Manual.  The training is done as a workshop in ‘live’ time so you will need to be ready to learn at the time your training begins.  

How do I find an online course?

Go to Find training and search for a workshop near you.  

If you cannot find a workshop offered by a Tutor in your area, set the search distance to 100 miles or “All”.

What do I get for attending online Makaton training?

Participant’s Manual containing the Makaton signs and symbols you will learn in the workshop.

Emailed confirmation of attendance followed by a Certificate of Attendance posted at a later date.

Group participation to boost confidence with signing and add an additional skill.   

Do I need a camera to participate in online training?

Yes, this is a requirement to enable you to participate in our training online. You will need to keep your camera on during the practical activities so your Tutor can see your signing and support you if needed.  Your torso, face and hands will need to be in view on the camera to allow the Tutor to see your signs effectively.

How much is the training?

The introductory Recommended Retail Price is £59, this is to support our Makaton community through this time of crisis.  Please note that this RRP is approximately 50% of the average price for face to face workshops and it will increase once the current Covid-19 shut down measures are relaxed.   

Will online training continue after Covid-19?

Yes, the training will continue and there will be an inflation in price. The Makaton Charity’s team are doing all we can to support our community through this time of crisis.  

When are additional online workshops coming?  

Additional online training workshops will be added in due course as we trial the workshops to ensure they are of a high standard.  

I can’t attend training in the daytime, will there be workshops available in the evening or at weekends?  

Our Licenced Tutors may offer training at a range of different times, but we cannot guarantee this as the Tutors are not directly employed by The Makaton Charity.  Please contact a Tutor local to your area if you cannot find any and they may be able to redirect you to a Tutor who is offering this provision.