Become Makaton Friendly

Exciting changes are coming to the Makaton Friendly Partnership Programme. As we gear up for this transformation, please note that we have temporarily paused the acceptance of new applications until Spring 2024. This pause will enable us to make the necessary adjustments and ensure the programme is more efficient for all.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We're eager to share the new and improved Makaton Friendly Partnership Programme with you!

What is Makaton Friendly?

Makaton Friendly is unique partnership programme which helps organisations and communities to improve accessibility for anyone living with learning or communication difficulties. The scheme drives inclusivity to help create a fairer and more tolerant society for all.

If you have a Makaton Tutor and have completed Makaton Training then please apply now . Makaton Friendly is tailored to the requirements of your organisation. Find out more about the Makaton Training process for your sector:

Why become Makaton Friendly?

The Makaton Friendly concept was inspired and initiated by passionate Makaton Tutors and resulted in the UK's first Makaton Friendly town, Romsey.

In becoming Makaton Friendly you help to increase accessibility across the UK for people living with learning and communication difficulties who might otherwise struggle to access your products and services.  There are many benefits of being a Makaton Friendly organisation:

Benefits for businesses

Being Makaton Friendly enables Makaton Users, their family, friends, and carers to feel confident in choosing your products and services broadening your appeal and extending your client base. 

Benefits for education, health and social care providers

Creating a Makaton Friendly environment helps schools and providers of health and social care to better serve Makaton Users and improve outcomes. It can also assist in meeting your accessibility and inclusivity targets.

Improving staff motivation and retention

Investing in your team by empowering them to learn Makaton generates good will and enhances job satisfaction. Your staff gain a powerful new life skill and in return you can gain loyalty and enthusiasm.

Strengthen community ties

The Makaton Friendly programme helps individuals who struggle to communicate feel welcome and included within the wider community, just like everyone else.

Recognition & Reward

The Makaton Charity promotes Makaton Friendly organisations through our website, newsletters, and local Tutor networks. We also provide Partners with assets and guidance to create interest with the local press, for use in advertising and to display on site. It is a unique selling point which sets you apart and demonstrates you care. 

How to become Makaton Friendly?

Makaton Friendly accreditation rewards businesses and organisations like yours, who have achieved a consistent set of criteria relating to staff training and Makaton accessibility in their public areas.

The programme combines Makaton Tutor Training with a comprehensive suite of online learning resources and downloadable symbols and signs for your public and reception areas to empower your organisation’s staff to welcome and assist Makaton Users. 

Tailored to your experience

Some organisations are just beginning their Makaton journey while others may already have staff members experienced in supporting individuals who use Makaton as their primary form of communication. Recognising this we offer two levels of accreditation, Bronze and Silver.

Bespoke for your sector

Acknowledging the different requirements in various sectors we have developed bespoke Makaton Friendly criteria across four categories to make the programme work for both you and your community.

Sole Traders and Individuals

Sole Traders and people who work for themselves and may interact with Makaton Users. Examples include Children’s Entertainers, Photographers and Child Minders.

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Public Sector, Leisure and Business

Venues, organisations, and businesses that Makaton Users might visit occasionally. Examples include Cafes, Libraries, Sports Clubs, GP Surgeries, Shops… Police Service, Fire Service, Dentists

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Education, Health and Social Care

Settings that offer mainstream services that may support Makaton Users in small numbers such as a mainstream school with one Makaton user in a class.

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Specialist Education, Health and Social Care

Providers whose main role is the provision of services to people likely to have speech, language and communication difficulties. Examples include SEND special schools, residential home, respite services and specialist day centres.

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Ready to apply?

If you have already completed the Makaton Training process and have contact with a Makaton Tutor, you are ready to get started on your Makaton Friendly journey: please email [email protected] for more information.