Makaton Friendly Membership

What do you get?

For the first time organisations who use Makaton, be it occasionally or on a day to day basis, will be able to access the resources of the charity to search and develop their understanding and knowledge of the language programme to continue their support of their visitors/students/clients.

 As well as still receiving the infamous Makaton Friendly Certificate and window decal plus helpful information for you to download for your organisation.


Organisations will continue to be part of the Makaton Friendly family but will also be able to become part of a UK wide Makaton community, sharing ideas, achievements, accessing a safe and easily to use space, where individuals can ask questions and receive advise from experts in the programme, together with accessing a mobile ready service, enabling Makaton users to search the database of our Core vocabulary database for signs and symbols, and find the words or phrases they need, when and wherever they are.


Access is completion of our Makaton Friendly application form and via a Competitive annual subscription model, the funds we receive support the charity in developing the scope and use of the Makaton language programme. The Charity is committed to enabling all who need Makaton to access the programme

  • Bronze Award– Single login and access to the Makaton Hub.
  • Silver Award–Single login, access to the Makaton Hub, access to search and view Makaton Core Vocabulary.
  • Gold Award - Single login, access to Makaton Hub, Access to search and view all published Makaton symbol and sign resources.

All Makaton Friendly Membership are a 12 month subscription paid annually.

Bronze Award

What's included:

  • Access to the Makaton Hub
  • View and read articles within the Makaton Community
  • News and updates from around the network
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Silver Award

Whats included:

  • Everything in the Free Membership, Plus
  • Access to ask questions and gain direct support
  • Access to the vibrant Makaton community
  • Access to search and view all 450 Signs and Symbols contained within the Core vocabulary

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Gold Award
(Center of Excellence)

Whats included:

Everything in the Core Membership, Plus

  • Access to search and view all 14,000 Signs and Symbols contained within the Resource vocabulary
  • Access to view and listen to the all vocabulary Videos
  • Ability to download up to 20 signs or symbols per month
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All Makaton Membership types are classified as Informal Supporter Members of The Makaton Charity, where Supporter Membership is defined as an ‘informal membership’, who may be called a ‘member’ but who are not a company member of the Charity entitled to vote at general meetings.