Makaton Ambassadors

Peter Rooney, Makaton Ambassador

We would like to congratulate and celebrate the success of the new Makaton Ambassadors being welcomed onboard to support with a wide variety of areas with their skill and expertise.

They are the first cohort of Ambassadors to be announced since our founder Margaret Walker left her legacy of our Senior Tutors, who continue to strive to maintain the quality of the Makaton Language Programme and continue to pass on the knowledge to our Ambassadors. You will see our Ambassadors out about in the community supporting the development of Makaton across all possible aspects.

We will have another role out of Ambassadors, so not to worry if you haven’t made it through this time, there will still be opportunity. We also have our eyes on our next cohort that we would like to invite to become an Ambassador, so you may be hearing from us shortly!

We are aware that we have a lot of Tutors with a huge passion for Makaton and its community, and we want to know who you are as we don’t always know unless we have regular contact or on social media. With so much happening, please contact us to re-highlight who you are. (If you previously messaged Zanna, we have you noted down already.)