Frontline Workshop for Emergency Services

Policewoman signing

We are living in times where clear communication is not just essential; it's life-saving. Introducing the Frontline Workshop for Emergency Services.

The Frontline Workshop equips participants with the skills to use and incorporate Makaton signs and symbols effectively in real-world situations relevant to their workplace. Our primary goal with the Frontline Workshop for Emergency Services is to empower Makaton Users, ensuring they can communicate effectively during crisis situations.

The workshop encompasses vocabulary that resonates with a wide range of frontline services. This ensures that participants emerge with the confidence and understanding required for impactful communication.

Why deliver the Frontline Workshop?

  • Expand your impact: You're not just teaching Makaton symbols and signs, you're ensuring that communication is embedded in high-stress environments.
  • Stay updated: Our specialised vocabulary set caters to various frontline services, making sure you are always on top of the needs of these sectors.
  • Earn more: Expanding your training services means a new avenue for revenue.
  • Vocabulary add-ons: We have special add-on vocab sets for sectors such as dentistry, ensuring you’re always in demand!

For further information, please email the Training Team, [email protected]