We have changed our look

Makaton logo

You may have noticed... we have changed our look!

We felt it right to inform our Tutors that it was brought to our attention that the Okey logo was being misused in certain areas of society. After careful consideration we have decided that the most responsible and appropriate thing to do is to change our logo.

In doing so we have tried to encompass traditional Makaton with a modern feel. We know that many of you loved the M logo so we have brought this back with the addition of the circle to represent the Makaton Family.

You might still see the Okey around, but we are slowly phasing this out as a logo and replacing it with the revised Makaton Family logo.

The hand shape will still be used when signing Good, however as there are two versions of the sign 'Good', we encourage signing Good ‘thumbs up’ in photographs.

New Tutor logos will be available for download from the Makaton Library.