MSB Trainer Licence Renewal

All licensed Makaton Signing for Babies (MSB) Trainers should have been invited to renew their licences online last month. Makaton Signing for Babies licences start from 1st April and end on 31st March each year. This year, MSB Trainers have access to so much more on the Makaton website (the Hub) as part of their licences and membership.

MSB online training

Ambassadors Amanda Glennon and Kerry Cawley have set up a Makaton Signing for Babies online network for Trainers to attend.

Within the Library on the Hub, MSB Trainers now have access to all the line drawings and symbols needed to deliver a full Makaton Signing for Babies course, as well as having access to the Core Vocabulary line drawings, videos and symbols!

There have been a few more changes to the MSB Trainer Makaton membership accounts. There is now an MSB MakaChat  area for MSB Trainers to access, ask questions, share ideas and discussions together. There is also a Share Bank just for MSB Trainers to upload and share photos, ideas and resources.

As part of their licence, MSB Trainers can attend the new Makaton Events  that are being delivered to our Membership and view them at a later date from the Makaton Events sub folder within the Library section of the Hub!

And now there are new official Makaton Trainer polo shirts  available to buy in the shop area on the Makaton website!

If you are interested in becoming a Makaton Trainer, there are different criteria to meet! Have a look on the Makaton website for further information and details. If you are a Makaton Signing for Babies Trainer, have a look to see what’s new on the Hub and come along to a network meeting!