Member Events

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We are committed to offering our members more value, and as part of this commitment we are scheduling monthly events for our members, to support with a range of topics that we know are important to you.

All member events are open to Tutors and MSB Trainers.

List of events

MakaChat Live! Use it, don't lose it!

* FREE. MEMBERS ONLY. 10.30am-11.30am, Wednesday 14th June 2023 * Practise your conversation skills using Makaton, ask for advice, share your story. We'll pair you with another 2 members attending this event and have 3 rotations of people to chat to.

Singing Hands Pop Party

* FREE TO MEMBERS | £6.50 TO NON-MEMBERS. 6pm - 7pm, Tueesday 20th June 2023 * Join Suzanne and Tracy of Singing Hands for an hour-long pop party. The session will feature a collection of favourite pop songs, signed in Makaton...

Using Makaton to support vocabulary learning

* FREE. MEMBERS ONLY. 2pm - 3pm, Thursday 6th July 2023 * An overview of the research around using signs to support word learning, iconicity, how to use in classroom, how to use at home, why it works...

Accessible information in a communication friendly environment

* FREE. MEMBERS ONLY. 5pm - 6pm, Thursday 14th September 2023 * Are you keen to understand how to make your environment more accessible using symbols? Let two Makaton Tutors from Derwen College take you on a tour of their Makaton-friendly world...

Using Makaton symbols to support early years reading

* FREE. MEMBERS ONLY. 5pm - 6pm, Thursday 2nd November 2023 * Hill Croft School has developed a reading approach to incorporate Makaton symbols to support with teaching early years reading skills. Learn how it can be applied in your setting...